Scent Festival, 17-22 October 2017, Wildegg Castle, Switzerland

Fragrances, perfumes and essences will be the focus of attention at Wildegg Castle from 17-22 October. For the first time in Switzerland, five national and international «noses» and three creative teams will create new fragrance compositions for 15 rooms ranging from the attic down to deep in the cellar for the «Scent Festival», where the public will be able to embark on a pleasurable journey through the castle and be transported into a new world. The six-day «Scent Festival» also offers a varied and comprehensive accompanying programme.

Festival der dufte
Festival der dufte

Fragrances and perfumes have been part of people’s lives for thousands of years. In ancient times, people experimented eagerly with aromatic woods, grasses, herbs and flowers. Is there anyone who doesn’t know the story of Cleopatra, who allegedly knew how to use components of perfume to bewitch not only men but also the wind? Back then, perfume had a spiritual and mystic meaning. Perfume was first elevated from an everyday tool to a status symbol for the wealthy in Rome.
The ingredients are the history of the castle, the present and the future
For over a year, the SCENT association has tasked five «noses» and three creative teams with presenting the historic rooms in an innovative, olfactory way. From the entrance hall to the magnificent salon, an unimagined wealth of fragrances and perfumes unfolds, created by national and international perfumers and aromatologists for this event. The public can embark on a fascinating journey through the world of fragrances.

The names of the «noses» involved, who have created the perfumes exclusively for Wildegg Castle read like a «Who’s Who» of the perfume world: Laurence Fanuel has staged fragrances at Grasse cathedral, Christophe Laudamiel has worked for Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford, Jean-Claude Richard founded the perfume shop Farfalla, Ralf Schwieger has already created fragrances for Hermès, and Andreas Wilhelm is responsible for the taste of the popular Yootea.

Festival programme
The event centres around the fragrant journey through Wildegg Castle which will enchant visitors and transport them to a different world. But the six-day «Scent Festival» also features a varied and comprehensive programme. Visitors can create their own perfume with Bibi Bigler, make their personal soap, take an enjoyable guided tour with the perfumers and historians or listen to an interesting talk on the economic, creative and artistic aspects of the perfume industry. Special tours will be available for school classes, and special programmes will be arranged for children. The museum shop and a bar round out the offering.

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