6th SAPERE scientific symposium, Social and Cognitive Factors Influencing Food Perception and Behavior in Young Children, Lyon, 27th, 28th & 29th of September 2017

The SAPERE association is an international nonprofit association. Created in 1994, it is based in Brussels. SAPERE brings together experts from the social sciences, research, industry, the educational sector and communication. Their project is to provide taste education for children at school.

The 6th SAPERE scientific symposium took place at Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France with the following conferences:
The role of temperament in children’s food acceptance. Pr. Jackie Blissett, Coventry University. United Kingdom.
How much are you having? Preschoolers’ conformity to others food portion selections using a computerized portion selection task. Elizabeth Kim, University of California Irvine, United States of America.
Food neophobia and the development of food concepts: toward an evidence based food education. Dr. Jérémie Lafraire, Institut Paul Bocuse / Institut Jean Nicod, France.
The role of parental influence and taste sensitivity on preferences for sweetness in preschoolers. Dr. Valérie Lengard, Nofima, Norway.
Enjoyment of food and Food fussiness: relationships with physical activity and vegetable consumption in Finnish children aged 6-8 years, PANIC study. Henna Jalkanen, University of Eastern Finland.
Food education activities with Finnish Young people -case: NuHeViMa program. Pr. Mari Sandell, Turku University, Finland.
Changing children’s eating behaviour – a review of experimental research. Dr. Anne-Marie Olsen, Copenhagen University, Denmark.

6th SAPERE symposium at Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon
6th SAPERE symposium at Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon

Before the conference a workshop took place in order to conduct an in situ testing with preschoolers: How to combine the scientific approach and the culinary expertise to foster vegetable acceptance in young children ?
Experimental tea  time and intergenerational tasting session with food prepared by Florent Boivin (Meilleur Ouvrier de France).

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